Akkadia Regional Map

Map of Akkadia from The Jewel of Nineveh

Map of Akkadia from The Jewel of Nineveh

A map of the region of Akkadia is included in “The Jewel of Nineveh“, showing Ur, the central city location for the majority of the book. The relationship to other key locations, notably Nineveh (home city for the Jewel), and Babylon (the location of the summer palace of the Emperor of Parthia).

City of Byzantium Maps

Map of Byzantium - Craft of Shadows - God of Thieves

Map of Byzantium from God of Thieves: Initiation

A map of Byzantium is included in “God of Thieves: Initiation“, showing key locations of the city that are central to the events of the book. The map was greatly inspired by ancient maps of Constantinople, as well as research on the layout of the city during ancient times (referred to as the “Byzantine period” by historians, although the name was not widely used in antiquity, and the residents broadly referred to themselves as Romans).

Key locations in the story, such as Hekate’s House, The Palace of Dreams, and the Palace of Pearls, are shown with relation to ancient landmarks such as the Mese, still visible and in use today.

constantinople oldest

The oldest known map of Constantinople.

How can you see a real map as exciting as this and not want to go and explore it!