Craft of Shadows Podcast :: Episode 025

Episode 025 :: The Jewel of Nineveh

Chapter 24: The Theft

All good things must come to an end. The thief has been denied his prize for far too long, and it’s time to complete the job. How will things turn out for Manu?

Episode 024 of the Craft of Shadows Podcast; a serialized novel audiobook of “The Jewel of Nineveh” by Diavosh Bassiti, an action-packed, fantasy adventure in a mythological world of thieves and assassins. Find out more at

Duration: ~26 mins.

We’ve reached the end of this adventure and what a ride its been! Thank you for all your support, feedback, suggestions and advice; its always gratefully received. In response to messages asking to support the show, it was always conceived as something to give back to the community, however there are many books you might investigate if you enjoyed this story!

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