Cult of Hekate

From the books

Abridged oration by Zero, from the upcoming “God of Thieves: Injustice”.

“Why do we follow Zarbenus? Because Hekate favours him. Even his enemies cannot deny, the Night Mother is as close to Zarbenus as a lover. Squint closely enough and you can just see her stroking his arm, whispering into his ear. But even gods can be fooled. Hekate is a trinity, like most of the goddesses. The maiden is her most devious form. Trickster and fraud and you’ll love her every time she steals from you, cheats on you, stabs you in the back. Each time you’ll crawl on your belly back to her, begging her to take you back. But you cannot just love the maiden. Her mother-form is the most familiar—the Night Mother. She protects her children as only a mother can—and with a mother’s unfettered rage if needs be. She can bring back her faithful from nigh on the brink of death. Or so I’ve heard.”

“What of the old woman?”

“The crone? She terrifies all of them. The gods I mean. The crone is her power distilled one thousand times with one thousand times the experience and one thousand times the danger. Pray that you never meet a crone of Hekate.”

Author interview

A short interview by Diavosh Bassiti touches on aspects of Hekate worship in the Craft of Shadows mythology, and how they influenced the God of Thieves books.