Byzantium Cult of the Goddess

The Temple of the Goddess is one of the triumvirate of factions that control the power and politics in Byzantium during the events of the God of Thieves books.

From the books

Public Oration by Hierarch Pallas of the Temple of the Goddess, from “God of Thieves: Initiation”:

“Life was simple and life was good, but in the fullness of time men built towns and then they built cities. Many came to live there, not just families and kinfolk, but strangers of different colours of skin and hair, of languages strange and discordant, and all feared their neighbours. Into the cities came sickness from the filth of all the bodies pressed so close, desired by no other living thing save rats and fleas. So in the cities men were afraid, and as they could not hear the words of the Goddess amongst the rabble of so many voices they began to hear the hard and loud commands of the Gods. Terrible were they and wrathful to all, fear they wielded in one hand and a slaver’s lash in the other. So confusing and contradictory were their voices that priests were needed to study these mysteries, interpret and instruct, but soon even the priests warred with each other and brother slew brother and the age of strife began.

“For a thousand years this continued, and might have for a thousand more had there not been born a simple shepherd girl. Great with child, alone in a cold cave protecting her flocks as a storm raged outside. She cried out for the Goddess, the stories her mother had told her, and her mother before that, that they were each the earthly embodiment of Her. And this time, She had not forgotten and She heard them. When the child was born strong and healthy there was a miracle laid upon her that would follow all of her days.

“All of you here know the deeds she performed and how she brought the message of the Goddess back into the cities. As the faith grew she was able to pass in peace and was gathered to the bosom of the Goddess. Her bones lie here, and about them the faithful built a temple to her glory where her work could be taught to others. Together we recognise her by one hundred names; in the east she is known as Ninmah, Asherah or many others. Many of you know her as Tanit, and far to the West they still call her Danu. Whatever name you use to honour her, know that all are united under her love and care. We swear, once this great city has been made pure we will turn our gaze of love to the rest of the world.”

Footnote on Authenticity

The Goddess as presented in the God of Thieves book is a figure inspired by mythological records, and is not meant to imply a historical reference.